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Posted on February 2, 2016 by West Corporation 


21 Amazing Facts About Your Heart [INFOGRAPHIC]

American Heart Month is here again, and it’s about time the Blogpaid tribute to the hardest working part of our bodies (sorry brain, we love you too). Here’s an infographic compiled by Cleveland Clinic that highlights 21 amazing facts about our hearts, certain to give you reactions like “Wow!”, “You don’t say!” and “Huh – I did not know that.”

Since we’re all about provider-patient communication, one fact that stands out is #19. Patients control their heart health through diet, exercise and stress management, but are you confident they have the information they need to make those decisions? If not, American Heart Month is a perfect time to reach out and make sure patients are focused on heart health moving forward.

21 amazing facts about your heart infographic

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