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Posted on December 17, 2012 by West Corporation 


10 Tips for Getting Liked on Facebook

Today’s healthcare market is more competitive than ever. For your practice to stand out and continue to grow, it’s important to put your brand out “there”. Where’s “there”? Social media websites like Facebook!

Social media has huge potential for your practice. And the good news is—it’s free! As more and more kids, and even their parents, turn to social media websites daily to communicate and share among peers, it has become a must that you participate. How can this help you? How can you get liked on Facebook and set yourself apart?

    • If someone posts on your Facebook wall, respond! It’s fun to communicate.
    • Post pictures of cute things. Kittens, puppies and babies are always a big hit.
    • Keep a camera handy. Your patients want to see pictures of your staff doing fun, goofy things as well! Studies show that photos have a 200% higher interaction rate than links on Facebook.
    • Post information that is helpful. Your fans have liked you for a reason.
    • Be fun! Let your personality shine through. No one wants to be friends with a boring business.
    • Hosting an event for your practice? Let your fans know! Create an event and post it to your wall.
    • Two words: fun facts. Everyone loves ‘em! See HERE and HERE for ideas.
    • Don’t skimp on your profile and cover picture. This is your brand. Make sure you have nice, high resolution images to represent yourself well.
    • Celebrate your wins in your Timeline! It’s a great way to brag without seeming showy. Did you recently move into a new building or add a new doctor to your staff? Add the milestone to your Timeline.
    • Have content ready. It’s important to post regularly. You don’t want to hold back on your posts. Plan ahead and post daily.

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