Delivering TeleVox’s wellness and preventive reminders is an easy way to engage your patients in improving their health! Once you’ve identified the types of messages that need to be delivered, we’ll help you customize scripts and have phone messages recorded with our professional voice talent. These messages can seamlessly incorporate names and other patient-specific elements that improve patient acceptance and follow-through. TeleVox goes beyond phone calls as well, allowing you to also add emails and text messages to your outreach strategy.

Your organization’s information appears in the patient’s caller ID or phone display, ensuring higher connection rates and delivery of your wellness and preventive outreach efforts. Patients can choose to schedule an appointment while on the call or receive information about contacting your staff at a time that is more convenient to them.

Thousands of time-sensitive reminders can be sent within minutes, reaching more patients, in less time and for less effort than manual contact efforts. All patient data interaction and storage is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines.

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