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Are You Ready for the Boom?

The impending flood of Baby Boomers and their health struggles is expected to overwhelm healthcare services, putting more demands at higher costs on an already stressed system. Learn how to better manage Baby Boomers and their health concerns.

Avon Orthodontics

TeleVox technology helps Avon Orthodontics achieve 360-degree patient communication.

Independent Website Visibility Study

Porter Research study shows that TeleVox websites consistently outperform those of their competition.

Man vs Website Part 11 – Building Up Your Content

Content is king. At least that’s what we’re told as website owners. But how do you create content that’s interesting to website visitors and inspires them to make repeat visits? How do you make it manageable given all of your other responsibilities?

Man vs Website Part 12 – Using Social Media

Get answers to common questions and learn seven guiding principles to keep your social media strategy on track.

Man vs. Website Part 1 – Getting Started With Your Website

The first installment in our Man vs. Website series. Get the scoop on knowing your audience, clearly describing your services, communicating your website goals and more!

Man Vs. Website Part 10 – Measuring Your Results

Once your site is up and running, how do you measure its effectiveness? Learn about web analytics tools, rank reports, tracking website “conversions” and establishing good habits for checking your site’s performance!

Man vs. Website Part 2 – A Survival Guide For Your Custom Website Project

The second installment in our Man vs. Website series. Learn everything you need to know to develop a powerful keyword strategy for your website!

Man Vs. Website Part 3 – Introduction to Crawling and Indexing

Learn why some websites consistently rank higher than others and understand the different parts of your website’s listing in a search engine’s results. We also offer some tips and trends for practices looking to make improvements or begin building a

Man Vs. Website Part 4 – Search Engine Quality Guidelines

This white paper explains some tactics you’ll want to avoid when trying to boost your website’s search engine visibility.

Man Vs. Website Part 5 – Creating a Search Engine Friendly Website Structure

Learn about creating the hierarchy of pages on your site, read how interlinking pages on your site can increase visibility and be introduced to a little something we like to call “link juice”.

Man Vs. Website Part 7 – The Importance of Meta Data and Tags

Learn the differences between title, description, alt and h tags, and why they play such a huge role in the success of your website!

Man Vs. Website Part 8 – Your Linking Strategy

Is having an awesome website all you need to squash your online competition? Nope. Inbound links are important too. Click for tips on developing a successful linking strategy!

Man Vs. Website Part 9 – The Right Content for SEO

Learn what things you need to be talking about on your site to improve its visibility in Google, Bing and the other search engines. Beyond the need for relevant text, you’ll also read how images and video can impact your SEO!

Patient Communication: What Each Generation Expects

Generational segments of the population differ distinctly in how they approach their health and how they use technology. However, they do share a common desire to be healthy and want consistent communication about their health.

Pediatric Website Design with the Parent in Mind

Parents are looking online for health information – does your pediatric practice have a website? Is it serving the right purpose? Maybe now is a good time to re-evaluate!

Questions to Ask a Web Design Firm

There are many questions to consider when choosing a web design firm, but here are the 10 you NEED to have answered.

Search Engine Performance Study

WebPosition study confirms superior performance of TeleVox websites when compared to those of competitors.

Social Media 101: YouTube

A recent survey of 767 healthcare practices asked questions about the potential role of a website in their practice, the expertise and tools needed to maximize the website’s potential and the factors that are most important when selecting a website prov

Study Defines Roles and Needs of Websites in Practice Communication

Veil Orthodontics uses technology to stay in touch with patients through automated phone calls, email and text messages and via their up-to-date practice website.

Why Use Social Media For Your Practice?

The most effective practice websites focus on these six important but often overlooked elements.