These days, websites are nothing new. Gone are the days when only cutting edge healthcare practices had an online presence. The fact is, if you’re operating without a website for your practice, you’re virtually invisible. According to Google, nearly 80% of patients search online before booking an appointment.

While websites are one of the best tools for bringing new patients to the practice, they are also essential for building your brand and leveraging the most frequented channels to regularly engage and build better relationships with existing patients. A well-designed online engagement strategy is marketing at its best — marketing to patients not only to get that first visit, but to ensure a lifetime of visits.

TeleVox offers a whole new way to think about websites. Our websites are built on the award-winning iAPPS platform, offering more features and functionality than ever before. With a user-centered approach to web design, we deliver a website for your practice that’s intuitive, easily accessible, engaging and effective, helping you acquire new patients and build loyalty with existing patients.

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