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Read how leading healthcare organizations have successfully implemented strategies to improve outcomes. Get ideas for ways you can improve communication with patients. Review our latest infographics to visualize how technology can touch millions of lives. And when you’re ready to put the ideas to work for your providers and patients, click HERE to learn more!

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Case Studies

Stanford Health Care – Stanford, CA

Stanford Health Care was able to opt in over 9,000 patients to begin receiving text messages by using a combination of automated phone calls and their unique keyword for patient-driven opt-in.

Mountain View Medical Group – Colorado Springs, CO

Adding 1 automated patient balance notification call to their A/R outreach strategy, reduced Mountain View Medical Group’s yearly expenses by $14,280!

Creekwood Orthodontics – Kansas City, MO

After only five months of using their TeleVox iAPPS website and Wpromote SEO, Creekwood Orthodontics increased their website visits by 620%!


Convert Website Visitors to Patients: Ideas for Effective Calls-to-Action

This whitepaper presents ideas for creating powerful calls-to-action on your practice website that encourage patients to schedule appointments, learn about new treatments and any other action you want them to take.

The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog

Blogs are growing in popularity as an extension of your website that allow for a more personal touch to build your online reputation and grow market share. This whitepaper outlines the essential elements to managing a successful blog.

Past Due Balances: Can You "COPE"?

Four best practices for driving payments from your past due patients without risking the long-term relationships you’ve worked so hard to build.

Healthy World Reports

Discussing Diabetes

Discussing Diabetes

Discussing Diabetes examines the idea of technology-enabled between-visit engagement to help patients with the prevention and management of diabetes.

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic exposes the need for more interaction between doctors and parents to combat childhood obesity.

A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance

A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance

A Stressed Nation highlights the negative impact that stress is having on the health of Americans.


Mobile <br />Websites 101

Mobile Websites 101

Learn the basics of good mobile web design, best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Staying Healthy<br />for the Long Haul

Staying Healthy for the Long Haul

Do you understand the impact of missing routine doctor visits? Learn why regular doctor visits could be a lifesaver.

Improving<br />Patient Loyalty

Improving Patient Loyalty

Patient satisfaction has become increasingly important in today’s healthcare environment. Learn how to build loyalty through communication.

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American Heart Month is here again, and it’s about time the Engage blog paid tribute to the hardest working part of our bodies (sorry brain, we love you too). Here’s an infographic compiled by Cleveland Clinic that highlights 21 amazing facts about our hearts, certain to give you reactions like “Wow!”, “You don’t say!” and “Huh – I did not know that.”

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How to Blog for Your Practice: Creating a User Friendly Blog

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The following is an excerpt from the TeleVox and Wpromote white paper “The Essential Elements of a Successful Blog”. Read past posts on Audience and Ideation and Posting Frequency or click HERE to download the full white paper now!

Is your blog for the users or for search engines? The answer is both, and the good news is both want the same thing: new, relevant content.

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5 Signs Your Practice Should Adopt Automated Patient Communication

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2016 is in full swing, and a recent MedData Group survey found that 29% of practices are planning to adopt automated reminder technology in the next 12 months. Is your practice among that group? If you are still undecided about adding automated communication to your practice, here are five indicators that it is time to make a move:

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