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A healthy world doesn't happen overnight.

Read how leading healthcare organizations have successfully implemented strategies to improve outcomes. Get ideas for ways you can improve communication with patients. Review our latest infographics to visualize how technology can touch millions of lives. And when you’re ready to put the ideas to work for your providers and patients, click HERE to learn more!

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Case Studies

Pritchard Orthodontics – Battle Ground, WA

A redesigned website has allowed the practice to serve an increasing number of mobile users, generate 16 times more site visits and drive interaction with key conversion points.

HealthCare Partners – Torrence, CA

HealthCare Partners partnered with TeleVox to deliver satisfaction surveys to nearly 44,000 patients enrolled in disease management programs.

Willow Bend Pediatrics – Plano, TX

Willow Bend Pediatrics – Plano, TX

The practice has experienced a 60% booking rate from TeleVox well visit notifications and a 75% reduction of communication costs.


Timing and Content of Effective A/R Outreach

Timing and Content of Effective A/R Outreach

This whitepaper introduces best practices in message timing and content for A/R communications to drive increased payments from patients.

Going Beyond Awareness: Six Preventive Outreach Must-Haves That Drive Patients to Action

Going Beyond Awareness: Six Preventive Outreach Must-Haves That Drive Patients to Action

How can you increase the odds that patients will respond to your preventive outreach efforts? Learn the six “must-haves” to optimize your communications for success.

Building Patient Loyalty Through Recall Notifications

Building Patient Loyalty Through Recall Notifications

Today’s top performing practices place equal emphasis on attracting new patients and keeping the ones they currently serve. Learn how recall efforts can help practices retain patients.

Healthy World Reports

Discussing Diabetes

Discussing Diabetes

Discussing Diabetes examines the idea of technology-enabled between-visit engagement to help patients with the prevention and management of diabetes.

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The Childhood Obesity Epidemic exposes the need for more interaction between doctors and parents to combat childhood obesity.

A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance

A Stressed Nation: Americans Search for a Healthy Balance

A Stressed Nation highlights the negative impact that stress is having on the health of Americans.


Staying Healthy<br />for the Long Haul

Staying Healthy for the Long Haul

Do you understand the impact of missing routine doctor visits? Learn why regular doctor visits could be a lifesaver.

Improving<br />Patient Loyalty

Improving Patient Loyalty

Patient satisfaction has become increasingly important in today’s healthcare environment. Learn how to build loyalty through communication.

Digital<br />Health

Digital Health

Here’s an eye-catching look at how technology is improving healthcare for both providers and their patients.

Latests Posts from the Engage Blog

Death, Taxes and USPS Price Increases

usps price increases thumb

It happened again. On May 31, 2015, the United States Postal Service implemented yet another price increase, climbing 2% for the most common mail formats. If you’re mailing appointment reminders, wellness messages, balance due statements or any other type of communication – plan on adjusting your outreach budget accordingly.

Over the past 15 years, first class letter rates alone have increased a staggering 48%. In 2014, the USPS posted a net loss of $5.5 billion. All current indicators… Read the rest

Poor Recovery Rates on Third-Party Collections

collections return thumb

A couple of weeks ago I shared data from a TeleVox survey on how healthcare organizations work to collect outstanding balances from patients. We found that many organizations will repeatedly mail statements to patients in an effort to drive payments. 14% of those we surveyed say they will send at least five statements to a patient!

Of course, simply committing the resources to numerous mailed statements does not guarantee that those targeted accounts will make payment. Practices continue… Read the rest

Four Essentials for Successful Appointment Communications

holly mcdaniel thumb

In my 15 years as an Appointment Coordinator, I’ve learned that one of the most important services we can offer a patient is a simple appointment reminder. I’ve also learned that unless you know what you’re doing, a successful appointment reminder strategy isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

Well, consider this my attempt to make it simple. Here are the four things that I’ve found to be essential to your appointment communications.

Put together a plan to automate the

Read the rest