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Managed Care

campaigns to build loyalty, improve scores and more.

TeleVox meets the needs of health plans and other managed care organizations that are looking to deliver member-specific communications to large patient populations.

TeleVox’s multichannel voice, email, text and postcard campaigns drive member engagement through:

  • Preventive health communications
  • Wellness messages
  • Medication adherence outreach
  • Enrollment notifications
  • New member welcome messages
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Survey interaction
  • Database management
  • And more!

Click below to read about some of the many areas you can improve by engaging members with TeleVox technology.

TeleVox’s multichannel outreach drives HEDIS score improvement by giving members the best opportunities to take action. Reaching out with a phone call? TeleVox can deliver that in the evening hours, when members are 45% more likely to respond to the message. Contacting members via postcard? TeleVox follows that mailer with phone, email and/or text messages to make sure your communication is noticed.

The TeleVox impact doesn’t end with the outreach itself. We’ll also make sure your outreach is actually hitting its target, using database management tools that update addresses, phone numbers and other critical contact information on a nightly basis.

Click to learn how one health plan increased phone number accuracy of its member database by 549% with TeleVox’s database management solution!

When it comes to wellness and preventive health opportunities for your members, we see countless statistics on the results of outreach efforts when properly executed. There’s the impact on members’ long-term health and also the positive contribution to your bottom line through reduced medical costs.

But it’s that execution component that creates the dilemma – how do you promote screenings and other preventive actions that improve outcomes while staying within budget? Over 100 U.S. health plans recommend TeleVox’s multichannel approach to connect with members, using mailed communications, interactive voice calls, emails, text messages and more.

Click to read how Kaiser Permanente Northwest used automated phone calls to increase fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) rates by 41%!

Which wellness and preventive outreach opportunities have you targeted to inspire action from members and deliver results? TeleVox’s wellness and preventive health programs employ best practices from America’s leading managed care organizations to move members to action.

Managing your sickest members is often a difficult and expensive task. Wouldn’t it be nice to start that management before they develop a high cost of care? Non-compliance is very common among patients who suffer from a chronic disease, but TeleVox’s disease management outreach allows you to educate members about the steps necessary to maintain or improve their current level of health.

Where do your members turn for information about existing health issues? Have you connected them with the proper resources to self-manage their condition? TeleVox understands that one of the most powerful ways you can serve your members is by helping them help themselves.

For TeleVox clients, that means consistent communication of wellness tips, promotion of nurse lines and more through multichannel phone, email and text communications delivered on a member-specific level. As a result, disease management resources are experiencing unprecedented adoption from members.

TeleVox helped one large northeastern health plan increase utilization of its nurse line by 96%! The plan experienced a 300% greater adoption rate among the TeleVox outreach group than members not contacted.

TeleVox helps health plans manage their ongoing relationships with members by enabling a continual dialogue with each and every member. You can easily connect with members to help them complete health risk assessments. You can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver recertification and retention messages. TeleVox’s survey delivery solution even allows you to gather valuable member feedback through interactive surveys.

Opportunities for assessment and feedback through TeleVox interaction:

  • Rating of health care
  • Rating of specialists
  • Communication with providers
  • Claims processing
  • Customer service
  • Access to personal records
  • Availability of reference information

Emergency department trips are the most expensive type of healthcare delivery. How expensive? An NIH study found that the average ED visit costs 40% more than the average American spends on their housing each month.

But because many insured Americans don’t realize these costs, ED traffic remains consistently high. Half of American consumers have visited an ED within the past year. Yet, only 14% of visits are for immediate or emergent conditions.

TeleVox is reversing that trend by educating members on appropriate routes to care after hospital discharge and at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year.

After TeleVox outreach to recent ED visitors:

  • 15.4% made an ED visit within the next 30 days
  • Over 33% of those in the control group revisited ED within 30 days
  • 53% improvement from control group to outreach group

According to TeleVox’s Healthy World survey of over 2,200 providers, those providers claim that 95% of their patients do not follow treatment plans exactly as prescribed. Perhaps that’s because those patients need help. 42% of the 1,000+ patients surveyed feel they could do better with follow-up encouragement and education between office visits. There’s a great opportunity for health plans to fill this vital communication need.

Health plans are teaming with TeleVox to fill a much-needed advisory role in making sure prescriptions are filled on a regular basis and that members are taking those medications per their provider’s recommended schedule. Beyond simple reminders, health plans also have an opportunity to educate patients about WHY they are taking a specific medication, using communications to both alleviate any potential anxiety and give members greater ownership in their ongoing wellness.

Communication Opportunities:

  • Remind members to fill and pick up initial prescription
  • Educate members on medication instructions, purpose of medication and access to support
  • Remind members to refill prescription
  • Prompt members to schedule follow-up appointments with provider

Among the Medicaid population, plans are continually looking for ways to overcome the “5-50 challenge” — the fact that only 5% of Medicaid beneficiaries account for 50% of the spending, due to their tendency to have multiple chronic diseases. TeleVox delivers timely communications to encourage members to schedule important check-ups, refill medications and take any other steps to manage their conditions.

Beyond disease management, TeleVox also connects with Medicaid populations to help:

Reduce ED usage for non-emergent care — Only 14% of ED visits are for immediate conditions, and TeleVox saves you money by introducing members to appropriate routes of care.

Maintain accurate member records — Medicaid populations are the most likely to change addresses and other contact information, strengthening the need for up-to-date contact data.

Educate and foster health literacy — Consistent communication plays a major role in helping members make prevention decisions, evaluate risks to their health and understand diagnoses.

Deliver multilingual communications — TeleVox messages cover over 130 languages, meeting the needs of the most diverse populations.

TeleVox facilitates ongoing engagement with Medicaid populations from Day 1 onboarding outreach through eligibility redetermination.

The aging “Baby Boomer” population is projected to boost Medicare enrollment from 47 million today to 80 million in 2030 — doubling the growth rate of the last 20 years. To keep these costs from spiraling out of control (projected to increase to nearly $1 trillion by 2030), helping Boomers and other Medicare beneficiaries lead healthier lives is critical.

That’s a major undertaking. TeleVox’s Healthy World report “Healthcare Change: The Time Is Now” found that 56% of Boomers do not feel their overall personal health is in good shape. TeleVox communications play a vital support role in leading these members to long term wellness, including:

  • Disease management outreach — 70% of Medicare beneficiaries have a chronic condition, with 38% having multiple conditions.
  • Preventive health and wellness reminders — Only 5% of healthcare providers give patients in their care an ‘A’ grade for adhering to their preventive health directions.