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75% of practices are declining in production. Let's reverse the trend.

Leading dental and orthodontic practices trust TeleVox to bring in new business while building long-term, loyal advocates out of their current patients. Click below to learn how TeleVox provides the tools you need to attract and retain patients while meeting the day-to-day demands of a successful business.

  • Website design and hosting
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Online patient access
  • Interactive notifications via voice calls, email and text
  • On-hold messaging

“We get at least five new patients per month from our TeleVox website!” – Veil Orthodontics

You can’t “wow” a patient if they can’t find you. TeleVox’s website design packages position practices for success as potential patients increasingly search for health information online. Take advantage of mobile-friendly design, easily-editable content and years of experience showcasing dental and orthodontic practices online. Click to learn more and view sample websites. TeleVox clients also have access to insight from Wpromote, one of the nation’s leading search engine optimization and marketing experts.

Beyond simply showing up in online searches, TeleVox helps you make the most of patient reviews and leverage those outstanding patient experiences to generate referrals. Nothing creates “buzz” like a memorable patient experience, and TeleVox gives you the tools to transform positive word-of-mouth into new patients for your practice.

In recent years, the annual attrition rate for a practice is around 15%. So how do you keep patients coming back to the practice per your recommended schedule?

The answer is communication.

TeleVox helps you build patient relationships by staying top-of-mind throughout the year. You can deliver follow-up care communications after a visit to ensure patients know the best next steps and gauge their satisfaction with the visit. You can easily create and deliver e-newsletters to keep patients aware of your latest practice events. You can send wellness and preventive reminders to show patients you’re invested in their ongoing care. You can even use an on-hold messaging program to let your callers know about new and exciting treatment options that would interest them.

TeleVox helps you meet the operational demands of increased appointment volume and patient engagement while maintaining your sanity. Because that’s important too, right?

Deliver appointment communications via automated voice calls, text and email to give your staff more time to interact face-to-face with patients in the office. For patients who need assistance outside of office hours, TeleVox’s afterhours service allows them to connect with the practice. Daily appointment schedules, account details and more are accessible to patients and staff through secure web access, thanks to TeleVox technology.

Past due balances are another challenging issue for dental and orthodontic practices, and TeleVox offers a low-cost way to connect with these accounts and offer them convenient ways to pay online or over the phone. Click to learn more about TeleVox’s patient payment options.