Two Stats That Support Email as an Engagement Opportunity

Is email dead? Not even close.

I've heard that notion tossed around in certain circles, but I can prove that idea to be wrong through two compelling statistics - figures that not only illustrate the viability of email as a patient communication channel, but also as a nearly-immediate channel.

Here we go.

Stat #1: 57% of total email opens happen on a mobile device or tablet. hbspt.cta.load(464434,

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month [INFOGRAPHIC]

October is here, and you may have already noticed all of the pink-themed events, promotions and even football uniforms designed to raise awareness around breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness efforts have earned a huge amount of attention in our society during recent years - a wonderful trend that should make it easier for you to discuss the topic with your patients.

Here's another resource that you may find helpful. In this infographic from Cancer Treatment Centers of America,… Read the rest

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Heartwarming Story About a Practice Blog

Well, it's heartwarming from a marketing perspective anyway. Click HERE to read about outstanding blog results from About Faces and Braces (TeleVox client shout-out!). They worked with our SEO partner Wpromote to grow their blog from 12 visits per month to over 17,000. Wow!

A blog post titled "What To Eat After You Get Your Braces" was pulled into Google's Quick Answers box for the query "soft foods to eat with braces". What a great way… Read the rest

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Strong Reviews for This Year’s Flu Vaccine

The CDC predicts that this year's flu vaccine will be a better match than last year's for circulating flu strains, making it an even more effective preventive step for Americans to take this flu season.

In most years, the flu vaccine reduces an individual's odds of getting the flu by 50-60%. Last year's vaccine was not quite as effective, as it did not account for the H3N2 strain. However, the CDC has accounted for that strain this flu season… Read the rest

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COMING THIS FALL: Patient Engagement at a Conference Near You

As fall waits for summer to pull out of its seasonal parking spot, the kiddos begin school and the weather gets milder. Football beckons. Pumpkins become a thing again. And the fall trade shows, conferences and seminars abound like leaves on the lawn. Poetic, right??

Healthcare trade shows are what I do, so I see a lot of the agendas, seminars and keynotes offered at conferences across the country. Looking through the programs of some upcoming healthcare trade events, it’s… Read the rest

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Amateur Photography Proves That You Should Be Texting Patients

I'm no Ansel Adams. But as I waited between sessions at a recent marketing conference (where they teach me how to a better job of providing value to you), I was left with two options:

Spend that time poking around on my phone, checking Facebook, deciding where I want to eat that night, etc. Use that time constructively and work on a new a blog post.

So the choice was obvious.

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Google Shifts To 3-Pack In Maps Results

This past month, Google made a major change to its search results pages (as well as its logo!), specifically to the maps listings known as the ‘Local Pack'. Previously, map listings were shown in packs of three, five or seven. Now, after these changes, map results only show up in packs of three. In other words, when a local search is conducted, instead of showing seven top businesses in the area, only three are shown.

So what does… Read the rest

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Do You Text More Than You Talk?

Did you know we text more than we talk on the phone? Or at least we do in terms of the number of texts we send vs. the number of calls we make.

A Nielsen Customer Value Metrics report found that text volume is nearly five times that of voice calls. The average American texts their friends, family and other people an average of 764 times per month. In that same one-month period, they only average 164 phone… Read the rest

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Are You Missing the Mark with Mailed Communication?

For years, healthcare providers have entrusted the United States Postal Service with delivery of patient communication outreach. Communications such as appointment reminders, billing statements, and anything in-between were always sent via snail mail -- no questions asked. As times and technology have changed, so have the rates of effectiveness and efficiency surrounding mailed outreach.

The pitfalls associated with mailing provider-patient communications are well documented. Whether it’s the high cost per Read the rest

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Haha, Hehe and LOL: How We Laugh Online

Leave it to the research team at Facebook to uncover some analytics behind our amusement.

In a recent blog post, the Facebook team analyzed a week's worth of posts and comments to find our how many people are laughing on Facebook, how frequently those laughers laugh and how they choose to do it. Here's some of what the Facebook team learned:

Laughter is quite common but not necessarily that frequent. 15% of the people who posted and commented… Read the rest

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Do You Know Your “Busy Parents”?

In my marketing role at TeleVox, success stems from knowing who my customers are. Not just their names, but who they really are - what goals they have for their practices, what challenges they face each day and what tools they use to meet their needs. Those are the insights we use as marketers to present our products and solutions in a way that truly helps our clients.

The practice-patient relationship is no different. Success comes from having an… Read the rest

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Does Automated Outreach Lead to Faster Account Resolution?

The numbers sure seem to suggest it.

According to a TeleVox survey on how healthcare organizations work to collect outstanding balances from patients, those organizations that automate follow-up outreach to accounts have fewer that are more than 60 days past due. Practices that use automated outreach only have 26% of their accounts 60 days or more past due, compared to 33% among those practices that do not automate any outreach.

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Helping Patients Navigate Treatment for Multiple Chronic Diseases

An August 10, 2015 article in The Wall Street Journal examines the challenges patients with multiple chronic illnesses often meet in managing their own care. When faced with multiple medications and their associated routines, this creates an often-overwhelming burden for patients to stay on track with each of their treatment plans.

The article quotes Dr. John Piette, Director of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, on the importance… Read the rest

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New Whitepaper: No-Shows and Notifications

Broken appointments continue to be one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare organizations today. Not only do they throw patients off schedule with their treatment plans and ongoing care, but they also cost organizations thousands (and in some cases, millions) of dollars in revenue each year. Is this a problem for your practice? If so, do you have a plan in place to do something about it?

Click HERE to access our newest whitepaper No-Shows and Notifications:Read the rest

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Mobile Websites 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you in need of a mobile-friendly website? If so, the best way to start your journey is by learning the basics.

This infographic takes a "101" approach to mobile websites, including some key things you'll want to consider early in the process, best practices in mobile design and common mistakes to avoid. It's full of great advice on why you should keep it simple, focus on functionality and make other design choices that successfully serve your current and potential… Read the rest

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