Success Story: Reducing Mailing Costs to Past Due Accounts

It's always exciting to hear stories from practices that experience quantifiable success after automating notifications to their patients.

Here's yet another example of engagement in action, where Mountain View Medical Group in Colorado Springs, CO has seen a significant reduction in mailing expenses after adopting TeleVox's automated notifications to past due accounts. How significant? They've been able to send 19% fewer past due letters at the 60-day mark, representing an annual cost savings of over $14,000!

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Are We Finally Getting Our Diets On Track?

A July 2015 New York Times article reported that Americans' eating habits are finally changing for the better. The average daily caloric intake for American children is down 9%. The amount of full-calorie soda consumed by the average American has dropped 25% since the late 1990s. These improvements are not limited to certain demographic groups, as subsets of Americans based on income, race and other demographic factors are pretty much all making progress.

It's encouraging news, but do… Read the rest

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Are You Prepared to Communicate with Spanish-Speaking Patients?

Are you able to communicate with the growing number of Spanish speakers among your patient population? If not, the time to take action is now! Data shows that Hispanic populations will continue to be the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. in the coming years.

Let’s take a quick look back. In 1970, the United States Census Bureau estimated the Hispanic population to be a modest 9.1 million. Fast forward to 2015 and those estimates have skyrocketed to 55… Read the rest

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Improving the Patient Experience Over the Phone

"What can we do to better serve our patients?"

That's the question we're constantly asking ourselves in our practice. As we continue to search for new and better ways to improve the overall experience for our patients and their parents, we've found that there are numerous opportunities to make a positive impact beyond the point of service. In fact, there's a lot that can be done over the phone!

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How We Cut Our No-Show Rate in Half

We used to be a practice without a strategy for how we would remind patients about their upcoming appointments. Well, let me correct myself. We were a practice in need of a strategy. No-shows were getting out of control, and we attributed that in large part to the increasingly busy lives and growing obligations of today's patients. Without a way to remind them of a visit, it was becoming more and more common to see those patients forget.

We solved… Read the rest

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Yelp Now Showing Evidence of Review Fraud

Many consumers rely on Yelp, the popular local search engine, when they're looking for advice on local businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, dry cleaners and yes - healthcare practices. Most small businesses understand that the easiest way to establish a good reputation on Yelp is to provide outstanding service and an excellent product.

While Yelp is deemed very useful for helping people find reputable businesses online, it has been abused by unscrupulous business owners who incentivize people to leave… Read the rest

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What Is the Engagement Gap in Provider-Patient Communication?

In a recent TeleVox survey, one in two Americans indicated that they don't feel their overall personal health is in good shape. One in four are, at best, struggling to be healthy. Those statistics are part of an overall picture of poor health in America that has come into greater focus with each passing year.

The reason? In its most simplistic terms, it's because we're not taking the wellness and preventive actions we need to take to maintain… Read the rest

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Death, Taxes and USPS Price Increases

It happened again. On May 31, 2015, the United States Postal Service implemented yet another price increase, climbing 2% for the most common mail formats. If you’re mailing appointment reminders, wellness messages, balance due statements or any other type of communication – plan on adjusting your outreach budget accordingly.

Over the past 15 years, first class letter rates alone have increased a staggering 48%. In 2014, the USPS posted a net loss of $5.5 billion. All current indicators… Read the rest

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Poor Recovery Rates on Third-Party Collections

A couple of weeks ago I shared data from a TeleVox survey on how healthcare organizations work to collect outstanding balances from patients. We found that many organizations will repeatedly mail statements to patients in an effort to drive payments. 14% of those we surveyed say they will send at least five statements to a patient!

Of course, simply committing the resources to numerous mailed statements does not guarantee that those targeted accounts will make payment. Practices continue… Read the rest

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Four Essentials for Successful Appointment Communications

In my 15 years as an Appointment Coordinator, I've learned that one of the most important services we can offer a patient is a simple appointment reminder. I've also learned that unless you know what you're doing, a successful appointment reminder strategy isn't quite as easy as it sounds.

Well, consider this my attempt to make it simple. Here are the four things that I've found to be essential to your appointment communications.

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How Many Statements Are You Mailing?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some interesting information we learned from practices about how much they spend on mailing statements to past due accounts. 35% of survey participants reported that the all-inclusive cost of a mailed statement to a past due account is more than $1.50.

What makes that figure even more challenging for practices is how often they're mailing those expensive statements to drive action. Even if a practice is able to keep its per… Read the rest

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7 Health Facts Men Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recognition of June's "Men's Health Month", I wanted to share this infographic from the Canadian Men's Health Foundation. It's an easy-to-read overview of the greatest health challenges men face, and it offers some practical advice for making lifestyle changes in each of those areas.

TeleVox's Healthy World report A Fragile Nation in Poor Health gave us a lot of insight about men's perceptions of their own health. 52% of men report being in good health, while only… Read the rest

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Google Rolls Out “Nearby Business” Ad Format for PPC

In response to the growing popularity of “near me” searches, Google recently announced that it is adding a new “Nearby Business” mobile ad format for location-related searches. Now the search engine will begin displaying up to four different businesses for location-related searches, such as “nearby dentist” or "nearby dermatologist". Each of the ad units displayed will feature convenient click-to-call and directions so users can quickly connect with the businesses they're interested in while out and about.

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How Expensive Are Your Mailed Statements to Past Due Accounts?

While mailing multiple statements to patients with past due accounts is a common practice among healthcare organizations, there's a large expense associated with that outreach. Just how much of an expense is a figure that seems to have a very broad range.

A recent TeleVox survey captured insight from nearly 250 healthcare organizations engaged in communication with their past due accounts, and the results were extremely eye-opening.

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The Benefits of Electronic Prescriptions for Dentists

“E” may be this generation’s favorite letter (besides “i," of course) — email, e-books, e-commerce, e-cards. So in a society where everything from conducting business to reading a book is done electronically, it’s no surprise that prescriptions have also made the jump from the physical world to the digital one.

Electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing, allows doctors to transmit prescriptions electronically to pharmacies from the point-of-care. E-prescribing was brought to the forefront in 2003 when it was included in… Read the rest

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