Appointment reminder automation is a snap with TeleVox’s HouseCalls™ technology! HouseCalls delivers phone, email and text message appointment reminders to make sure each and every patient is reminded of their scheduled visit. Automated messages use patient-specific elements and two-way interaction to maximize response rates from your patients. In fact, recent survey results indicate that patients actually prefer an automated appointment reminder to a live call from your staff.

Results You Can Expect From HouseCalls Appointment Reminders

Reduced No-Shows — The average provider reduces their broken appointment rate by 25% by using phone, email and/or text appointment reminders to connect with patients. Retain your planned appointment revenue!

Decreased Reminder Expenses — Postage rates continue to rise for mailed reminders, and you simply can’t afford to have staff members manually call each patient. HouseCalls automated appointment confirmations are delivered more quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Advanced Notice of Cancellations — Cancellations aren’t always a bad thing. Giving patients the option to cancel through a HouseCalls automated message prevents a potential hole in the schedule and allows you to fill that opening with another patient who needs to be seen.

How It Works

Here is a quick overview of how automated messaging can meet your needs.

You’ll work with TeleVox’s account management team to develop appointment confirmation message scripting, create recordings (using professional voice talent) and employ other Best Practices to maximize patient acceptance and response to your notifications.

TeleVox can deliver a virtually unlimited number of appointment reminder notifications at any time you choose, giving patients convenient opportunities to confirm/cancel appointments, transfer to specific departments with questions and more! Once appointment reminder campaigns are completed, you’ll have full visibility into who responded to messages, needs updated phone numbers, etc.

Getting the data to us? That’s a piece of cake. HouseCalls integrates with over 1,000 scheduling systems, and TeleVox has developed bi-directional interfaces with the nation’s largest EMR vendors. TeleVox maintains the highest possible level of security. All patient data interaction and storage is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines as well as ISO 27002, Sarbanes-Oxley and targeted SSAE 16 controls.

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